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Posted by Nicole Grant on

Hello there folks! So I had a lovely bride ask me to make her something small for her wedding day. She wanted it to be bling yet understated. She prefers silver and white and it must have flowers and leaves. Wonderful I thought! A nice open brief I can play with, but how could I possibly make one to her taste?

Tah dah! I'd make her two different small hair combs which she could pick from. Genius! One I made slightly bigger with more intricate detail and the other I simplified and kept small.

The way I always make hair combs is I pick out a few flowers, leaves and beads I'd like to use and work from there. How big I want to make them and what shape I want to create, I just wing as I go. What I like about making these products is it's a form of self expression. I make what I feel like making even if it's a custom order. It's essentially still my design as I just play with the look of something. 

I started with the slightly bigger one. I knew I couldn't go overboard (which is easy for me as I love shiny things) so had to reign myself in and keep it small and delicate. I decided I'd make the base of the hair comb more intricate and add lots of different textures. And voila it was done, sparkling away in the afternoon sunlight.

Next was the simpler version. I started with the vines and added the big flower. Then I decided where I wanted my leaves to go, and donesies! I'm a faffer and struggle to finish my hair combs. I always want to add more but you know what, sometimes my best ones are the simplest ones. 

I showed the bride what I had made and she was over the moon, she ended up taking both! One for her sister and one for her! #nailedit 







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