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You’re almost ready: You’ve got your dream wedding gown that meets every expectation you’ve ever had, you’ve picked out the right shoes to match your gown and you’ve chosen just the right hairstyle for this magical wedding day. And now, it’s time for the final touch – choosing your bridal headpiece to seal the deal. Choosing the right headpiece can be exciting; this accessory, which decorates your hair and face can take your wedding look to so many directions, you want it to be just perfect. Here are 10 tips on how to choose your wedding day headpiece.

1. First of all- your dress:

Your wedding gown is the main star of your look. So first of all you want to ask yourself – “what piece will compliment my wedding gown the most.” You should consider the colour and shades of the dress, the materials, embellishments and fabric that make a big difference- (like silk shantung, taffeta, guipure lace, delicate floral lace or tulle),and silhouette -(does it have an open back or special sleeves). And other characteristics of the dress, such as; is it a clean -simple dress or is it an elaborate busy gown. All these characteristics will help you understand which headpieces you should be looking at.

2. What type of bride are you?

Try to define what your type is. Ask yourself if you are a bride who wants to look classic and timeless on your wedding day, or maybe you are more of a princess bride. or maybe you really relate to the boho style. Or you might be the type that want’s to stand out and be unique. 
Defining what type of bride you are will help you understand what headpiece will portray the right look for you.

3. Your wedding hairstyle:

Your chosen hairstyle can really help you understand what’s the best headpiece for you. Try thinking what will flow naturally with your hairstyle. For example- if you are dreaming of a braided crown, choose a delicate back or side piece that will follow the braid. Or if you’re going for beach-wave hair, consider wearing a front statement piece or a piece with floral elements in the shape of a headband. Or maybe you’re looking for a small delicate hair comb. Keep in mind that different headpieces go well with different hairstyles.


Try looking back and remembering what your initial fantasy was. Don’t give up on your dream headpiece and hairstyle! Of course you want to look perfect on your big day. But what does perfect mean to you? 

5.  Wedding atmosphere and location:

Of course the general theme and atmosphere of the event you’re planning can also help you choose your wedding headpiece. Consider your venue; is it out door country style or garden party (choose maybe something romantic), or maybe more of an evening ball party (choose something fancy or blingy). Select a headpiece that is coherent with the mood you are setting. Perhaps you’re having a fun, exotic destination wedding and you’d like a beautiful floral piece that will match the scene!

6. It’s a total look- everything must work together:      

Remember that it’s not solely about people noticing the wedding gown or the shoes, the headpiece or the make up. It’s about YOU! The whole package. Everything must work together and all in the sole purpose of complimenting you as a person and a bride.

7. Be comfortable:

It’s important to choose a piece that will physically be comfortable (that you won’t experience a headache from a too tight headband or a piece that keeps slipping off when you turn or move your head).

8. How many looks are you going for?

Do you have multiple dresses? A more formal one for the ceremony and a party-more blingy one for the reception? If you’re going for one headpiece, consider selecting one that will match both gowns. Maybe if you change your hair a bit it will portray a different look with the second gown.

And now…..fabulous tip alert :If you don’t have multiple dresses, choosing 2 different headpieces could definitely refresh your one amazing gown! This trick has been known to work wonders! Select a classy formal piece for the ceremony, and a fun jaw dropping headpiece for party time!

9. Decide if You’re More Traditional or Trendy:

Perhaps you’re more the type who wants to look classic and timeless on your wedding day. Or maybe you’re a fashionista who loves being up-to-the-minute. My tip is to not fall for “fly by” trends and instead select a piece, even if different, vanguard and unique, that you will always LOVE! And when looking 10 or 20 years from now at your wedding photos you’ll say: “I love this! I look so amazing!”  

10. Bonus tip!

Remember: a headpiece decorates the most important part of you: your FACE! It literally sits on top of your head,  and that’s why its important that it brings out the best in you and compliments your self. And I’ll let you in on a little secret: wearing a headpiece is a total uplifting experience! It brings you true joy when you walk around wearing it. It is noticed and appreciated by people but most of all makes you feel confident and TRULY ROYAL. Also, it is definitely an item that gives you a chance to express creativity in your wedding day total look. 
- Tami Bar Lev 

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