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It's bespoke time!

Posted by Nicole Grant on

What Is A “Bespoke”, “Custom-Made”, Or “Made To Order” Headpiece?

All the bridal hair accessories, garters and veils featured on my website are handmade for customers as and when they are ordered, sometimes with a slight twist or adaptation.

For some this is as uncomplicated as creating the clients vision, for others it can be more complex. This may include particular requirements, such as needing to look taller, coping with fine hair or hair loss, lack of confidence with head wear, styling with short hair, concern about glasses, finding something “age appropriate”, the list goes on, and this is where bespoke really comes in to play in a special way.


Elegant or indie?

Boho or beach?

Town hall or village pub?

Stately home or back garden?

Lots of guests or small and intimate?


The dress

The hair

Other accessories, sentimental or otherwise


Attention loving or reluctant to enter the limelight?

A young starlet or more of a “Helen Mirren”?

Concerns or worries I need to consider or reassure on?

This helps me get to know you, your plans and your personality to ensure that I’m making the right piece for you.

What Is The Cost Of A Bespoke Design?

It will be comparable with any similar pieces on the website as a rough guide. Certain specialist materials may cost more which would have to be factored in but I don’t charge a premium for the service itself.

I’ve Seen A Design I Really Like, Could You Make It?

Yes. But it would be slightly different so that it would not go against the original designers' copyright. If you have a specific idea in mind this can be used as a source of inspiration but no copies of other people's work will be undertaken. Wherever possible I will keep it as similar as i can but use slightly different beading or colours etc. 

What Happens If I Don’t Like A Bespoke Piece?

Don’t worry, the process is collaborative and we can meet or exchange pictures whenever you want or as is required. If something needs changing I change it, simple. It’s your wedding day or special occasion and it has to be right, I understand that.

As a rule (and I can’t think of a time I’ve had to break it), there’s no additional charge for sensible changes and reasonable alterations. If though you buy a new dress and change the colour then it goes without saying it’s a new order, I can’t offer a full refund on a piece custom-made that nobody else would purchase.

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