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Making your choice in bridal earrings that's much easier

Posted by Nicole Grant on

Aside from your engagement ring, your wedding day earrings set the tone for your overall aisle look, whether you opt to show them off with hair up, or have them peeking out from loose beach waves. A daringly oversized pair of danglers ups the ante from the basic diamond drop, but when it comes to the ceremony, don't shy away from the classics if that's where your instincts are guiding you. If you're planning on a wardrobe change, and multiple looks for your wedding weekend over all—you'll need an accessory wardrobe as well.

Bracelets, necklaces, and headpieces can always be worn on an as-needed and must-have basis, earrings are a bridal must-have—and the most foolproof way to make a statement when styling bridal. Here are the boldest and best bridal earrings to buy now.

Call on the classics

If your gown makes a statement, your jewels should remain demure. Choose classic pieces that feel special, but don't overwhelm an already over-the-top ensemble.

Green light

Bright whites dare to be paired with rich jewel tones–and jaw-dropping sparkle.

Simple studs

A classic, dainty, simple stud is never a bad idea. Use these if you have multiple piercings to add dimension up the ear; or, wear them on their own if your look has a statement neckline, or if you just prefer to keep things pared down, elegant, and sleek.

Mix & match

Opt for a pair of earrings that aren't identical. Some are uneven, some are two completely different styles but they're eye catching and unusual. 

Natural beauty

Whether you're getting married outdoors or in a decorated space, natural elements—like flora, fauna, specimens, and more—always exude romance. Cap off any look with a hint of something organic for a look that's as fashion-forward as it is feminine.

Girl with a pearl

Pearls have a classic feel–but these don't have the 'something old' feel of your grandmother's studs. Choose a single statement earring, a bold chandelier shape or a modern add-on (like these) to take this bridal basic to the next level.

High climber

When drop earrings feel too sweet and studs feel too plain, a diamond ear climber (which migrates up the ear) or ear jacket (which sits just below the ear and hugs the lobe) are fashion-forward substitutes.

Make it rain

Chandelier earrings don't only come in ornate settings that evoke Victorian or Edwardian motifs. They can also feel incredibly modern; case in point: the clean curves, silver and the not-so-chunky feel of these stunners.

Crystal clear

You can't go wrong with gobs of sparkle–be it crystals clustered for dramatic affect, or collections of diamonds that give off just the right amount of sparkle.

Belle Epoque

Skip diamonds and pearls and go straight for bold color and a vintage feel when you're looking to bring in a hint of personality, a nod to your day's colour palette, or are simply looking to make a statement.

Gold standard

If you're into more metals than sparkle and shine, go for the gold. Warmer metals compliment sun-kissed complexions and add edge to an otherwise girly aesthetic.

Take a bow

If you're not one for pearls, sweet touches—like these bow earrings—bring in the ladylike, romantic, and super-feminine touches a classic wedding look calls for.

Deco darling

The Great Gatsby and a roaring '20s aesthetic may feel passé when you're looking for a glamorous alternative to a ballroom affair, but accessorizing with hints of deco is a timeless way to add a sense of modernity to a romantic look.

Get carried away

For the rehearsal dinner or reception, lean in to your flair for the dramatic. These supersized shoulder dusters set the tone that it's time to party—and that you're a style force to be reckoned with.

Statement stunners

Now's your chance to invest in a statement pair of earrings you'll wear on your wedding day, and for any and every black tie affair moving forward.

Boho Bedazzle

If you're not into bling bling then these boho inspired, simple design earrings are the ones for you. 

All earrings above are Saffanic earrings.

- Carrie Goldberg Harpers Bazaar

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