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Hair accessories? Yay or Nay?

Posted by Nicole Grant on

When it comes to wedding accessories, some brides have it all figured out. Some others, however, don't quite have it on their sleeves. The wide variety of wedding accessories available can be overwhelming, but you shouldn't decide to just skip them altogether. If you're not quite sure on which accessories you should choose for your own wedding, read on carefully to learn more about your options.

Why do I need bridal accessories?

Accessories are often seen as unnecessary details, but that doesn't have to be case. Bridal accessories add a touch of elegance that can enhance even the simplest wedding dress, and can connect your wedding outfit with your overall wedding theme. Just think of how a feather headpiece can complement a 1920s flapper look, or how a sparkly tiara perfectly suits a princess-inspired wedding gown.

Some bridal accessories started out as a tradition. A veil, for instance, has long been part of a tradition that symbolizes a bride's purity. These days, though, most brides forgo the symbolic meaning and focus more on the aesthetic values of accessories. At the end of the day, it all comes down to you. Feel free to go with anything that makes you feel beautiful and comfortable on your wedding day.



There are a few types of headpieces and we're going to review a few that are the most popular.

1. Hair clips

The hair clip is usually has some jewels attached and is perfect for you girls planning to let your hair down for the wedding. It will certainly help to keep your hair tidy and keep bangs out of your face while still showing off your lovely curls.

2. Hair combs

A hair comb works well for creating an accent to an up-do or embellishing a simple veil.

3. Tiaras

For brides with a princess-y flair, this headpiece would be perfect for you. You can wear the tiara up on the crown of your head and it will get you the fairy-tale look you most desire. This can go well with or without a veil and works well for both up-dos and loose hair.

5. Flower crowns

This one would be so perfect for a rustic or garden wedding. Wearing a flower crown with loose curls or a low-do, or even with braids, would fit perfectly with a casual theme. It would especially complement your whole look if your dress also has floral elements on it. If you can, use the flowers you use in your flower bouquet for consistency.

6. Headbands

The headband is one of the most popular choice in the world of wedding accessories. There are a few different styles, but metallic headbands are really on the rise these days. They would be so great to complement a tidy hairdo or accentuate your curls. It's also a wonderful option for brides with short hair who might not be able to wear other types of headpieces.


Dos and don'ts of headpiece styling

Tip 1: Make sure that it goes well with your dress and overall look

Not all headpieces are the same in terms of versatility, meaning some headpieces only go well with particular themes. So, if you have a particular look in mind, be very careful to pick a headpiece that won't look out of place. A rustic flower crown, for example, would look odd in a princess-inspired ballroom wedding.

Tip 2: Consider the veil

Also be sure to match your hair accessory with the veil you're going to wear, as not all veils and hair accessories go well together. If you like, you can create this alternative. For the ceremony, wear the veil, and wear the headpiece for the reception. This way, you can let each of them stand out without having them compete with each other.

Tip 3: Pick something you feel pretty in

Don't pick one just because it's trending. Pick one headpiece you feel pretty in, one you're comfortable wearing. Also mind the weight of the headpiece, especially with traditional ones.

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