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To be honest...

Posted by Nicole Grant on

Hi guys I just thought I'd pop a note here because I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one feeling rather uninspired at the moment. Days on end blurring into one and if you're lucky you're still working. I'm not unfortunately, so it's been 7 weeks (I think I cant even remember) of sitting at home only leaving to get my 100th snack for the week;-) 

You'd think with all this time on my hands I'd have wedding accessories pouring out my ears but alas, I have barely made a thing this lock down. I feel like I get a lot of my inspiration from working as a hair and make up artist, driving around beautiful Cape Town, seeing friends and generally being a happy go lucky kinda gal. Now I just literally Netflix and chill (I wish it were the other meaning) and eat snacks all day long.

I was lucky enough to foster a dog from Tears which we then adopted because he's just too cute to give back and he cheers me up everyday but I just thought I'd write this for anyone else who is also completely uninspired and feels let down by this year. I was so looking forward to 2020 and had grand plans for Saffanic Bridal which has now been put on the back burner. Not to mention the costs each month even though I have no income. What crappy times these are!

For anyone in my boat, you are not alone. We will get our spice for life back and things will turn around but until then Netflix and tea are your friend. Maybe tomorrow I'll feel like getting the beads out...

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