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Veil or no veil?

Posted by Nicole Grant on

Hello there! So I thought I'd write and give you guys some tips on picking a veil.

Firstly, are you a veil kinda chick? If not, don't feel you have to wear one! Not everyone is traditional and there are plenty of other options for hair accessories. Some women feel, in fact it's 62%, that their wedding day is the biggest day of their lives and a veil will make them feel like a "proper" bride. But if it's not your thang, don't sweat it!

Think about your location! Are you getting married in the middle of the bundu's and your veil will catch on everything? Are you getting married on the beach where it can be windy? The location of your big day and type of venue should be factored into what kind of style you should choose. Outdoor weddings, in general, can be tricky when it comes to the longer veils, which could get caught on sticks, twigs or leaves. If you're adamant on getting your dream cathedral veil then consider an aisle runner. 

Think about the length of veil you want. Will it suit your dress? Veils range from birdcage to royal and everything in between. If you want something to make a statement, cathedral or royal veils are great options as they add drama and make for beautiful photographs. If you want a veil that accentuates your dress but doesn't get in the way, a chapel or church veil would work well. Pick a style that compliments your dress and doesn't distract from it. The most common veil length is the fingertip veil as it's said to compliment all body shapes and sizes. 

Think about the veils material. Do you want tulle, chiffon, organza? There are many types of veil materials. Get one that compliments your gowns material. Is your gown simplistic? Then consider a veil with lace trim or flowers. Is your gown beaded or complex lace? Then consider keeping your veil plain. If you're having an outdoor wedding, then a veil that's more on the sheer side might be prettier. If you're having an evening wedding by candlelight, then a veil that has a sheen or slight glimmer might work better. Trying on the veil with your dress is the easiest way to see what works. 

Think about the colour of your veil. Veils come in a variety of shades from pure white to ivory to blush to champagne. Your veil doesn't necessarily have to match exactly but it's sometimes better to get a match as close as possible. An ivory veil with a pure white dress can look a bit off. But a white dress with a blush veil can look fab so it's best to try them on together. Also consider getting veils with sequin or pearl accents as they can add some shine in the light. 

Hope this helps! Just remember Saffanic Bridal Accessories makes custom made items so if you have an idea of what you'd like, we can make it for you. Handmade veils are a great heirlooms for future generations!





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